It Helps to
Have a Partner



At POET, we are proud of our rural roots and are committed to cultivating the long-term success of agriculture. We are more than just a biofuel company. For over three decades, we’ve been bringing value to the farm by creating new markets beyond bioethanol.

At POET, we maximize the output of every bushel of grain you deliver. From the starch and protein to the fiber and oil, no portion of the kernel goes to waste. We know that local ag products are already feeding and fueling the world – and we can do even more.

Our suite of bioproducts, like purified alcohol, bioCO2, dry ice, and corn oil, can be used as ingredients in personal care and cleaning products, food processing, fire suppression, water treatment, asphalt recycling, and more. And we’re still not satisfied – our goal is to continue to partner with farmers to find more new and innovative ways to harness the power of nature to produce powerful, practical solutions to some of our world’s most pressing problems.

We partner with more than 40,000 local farmers to purchase nearly a billion bushels of locally sourced grain each year to produce our biofuels and bioproducts that are shipped all over the world. Our team is invested in being good partners, so each POET location has a team of knowledgeable local merchandisers available on-site to support and assist our customers directly. We strive to be the market leader to better position ourselves and our bioprocessing facilities, offering fair prices, creating local jobs, and injecting billions of dollars back into rural communities each year.

POET was grown from humble beginnings on a family farm, and we strive to keep the farmer’s spirit of creativity and common sense at the heart of everything we do. Agriculture is the lifeblood of our business, and we will continue to work to ensure profitability for agriculture for generations to come.

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